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IEP Roundtable:
Bring your IEP, and we'll be happy to review, answer questions and seek out answers.  Family Friendly (okay to bring the kids)
            Sept 17, 6pm Tues             
            Oct  23, 6pm Wed               
            Nov 18, 6pm Mon               
            Dec  17, 6pm Tues             
            Jan  9, 10am Thurs
                    EXTRA Daytime Mtg
            Jan 23, 6pm Thurs             
            Feb 19, 6pm Wed               
        Mar 24, 6pm Tues Canceled  
        Below Dates are Tentative      
            Apr 9, 10am Thurs             
            Apr 23, 6pm Thurs              
                       May 4, 6pm Mon                 

SPEAK UP Manatee:
Strategies for moving forward, changes, scheduling speakers for IEP RT, Above & Beyond nominations review and selection, and more.
            Sep 12, 10am Thur             
            Oct  15, 10am Tues            
            Nov 15, 10am Fri                
            Dec  10, 10am Tues           
            Jan  16, 10am Thurs          
            Feb 12, 10am Wed             
            Mar 10, 10am Tues            
        Below Dates are Tentative   
            Apr 16, 10am Thurs          

                       May 11, 10am Mon        

              Above and Beyond Awards:

            Recognizing the wonderful people that do the most amazing things for our kids,

@ the School Board Meeting

        Below Dates are Tentative     
            Apr 28 5:30pm Tues           
                       May 26 5:30pm Tues      

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IEP Roundtable Monthly Meeting

SUM Speak Up Manatee Monthly Meeting

Above & Beyond Award Quarterly

And More....



March 12th, 2020 @ MTC

**7th Annual Agency Fair

and Parent Workshops**



   * FREE food

   * FREE seminars

   * FREE childcare

   * FREE give aways at many booths


Service providers, agencies, and more will have booths set up for you to gather information regarding many available resources in Manatee County.

Several workshops available to answer in depth questions you may have.


You will not want to miss this once a year event!!




Coming up June 5th, 6th and 7th in Orlando


22nd Annual Family Cafe




Registration begins Feb 14th.


Sign up early for the Room Lottery.

FREE room at the Hyatt Hotel. 

You have a very good chance to win!! 


Deadline for Lottery is April 1st.  No Fooling!