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Professional Support Center 

Our Vision

Families and District Administration

coming together to promote

positive educational outcomes

for students with disabilities in

 Manatee County Public Schools.



We meet at the Professional Support Center

2501 63rd Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34203

Phone: 941-751-6550
Fax: 941-751-7376


S.P.E.A.K. UP Manatee

Staff &

Parents for


Advocacy &



A true collaboration between families and staff.  We work together to find positive solutions to issues that naturally arise.  We open up lines of communication. we strive to support each other in our efforts to determine the best possible path forward for our children.


There are three primary legs to our organization.

1. SUM Speak Up Manatee: this is our group to strategize, look at areas to address, support the other legs.

2. IEP Roundtable:  Monthly meeting to help families understand IEP's.  Staff and Parents sit one on one with families to address their questions and concerns.

3. Above & Beyond Awards:  Presenting quarterly to the people that go Above & Beyond in the many ways they help our children.